I went to Okinawa several times.

I went to Okinawa several times. The most amazing thing was day trip. It is not a trip, this is work. However, as this became the base, the feeling ""Men mesh"" is hard to taste. But now it is not possible to enjoy Okinawa unless it runs around so fast. On the contrary, if you enjoy Okinawa slowly, you should not do it. About that, I have a deep bosom. And the food is good. Well, as there was no delicious ramen shop in Naha city, I thought that Eura would do at a shop, but if that delicious food was overflowing, I think that I do not need ramen something to eat Do it. Everyone loves Champloo series, but I am content type. Yes, it is the internal organs of pigsun. It is quite salty with the mainland that can not be tasted. Well, I like stewing Keisei stone system cooked stubborn miso, but once you know the smoothness of the juice, it is not quite possible. I also like goats, but it's still inside. Maybe I like it like a body like him.

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