When traveling, there are various ways of planning.

When traveling, there are various ways of planning. I used to watch a travel magazine or read a book, but I first tried using the internet to travel with my sister. It was so good that I will introduce you for a while! It is! At that time I went to Hokkaido, but I would like to enter the place I want to visit on a certain travel site and conditions. Then, it was a site of such feeling that it taught information such as ""This place is recommended."" Both my sister and my sister love to take a bath, so I entered the condition that there is a large common bath in the condition and it is cheap, and decided to stay. Surprised if you go! It is! I stayed at four hotels, but it was absolutely amazing! It is! I say that the grade is high. Perhaps it seems that only the room where we stayed was cheap because of poor viewing or something reasonable It seems that it is not recommended for those who care about the scenery and the grade of the room much, but at this price this service Can I accept it? Is it? As I was, I feel like Hokuhoku ・ ・ ・. I am planning to use it again! It is!

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