The source of my current trip to Japan is the Internet now.

The source of my current trip to Japan is the Internet now. I do not think that there is no information available on the Internet recently. For example, if you enter ""domestic travel"" on the search engine and search for it, a lot of information on domestic travel will come out. I think that the purpose of the trip and the place I want to visit vary from person to person, but if you examine the site, you can easily obtain the information of the trip destination that I want. If the destination is almost decided, it is good to look for impressions of the people who actually went and the hidden spots, etc., with this word-of-mouth information. It is convenient because you can also get information such as dock information that you can not quite know in the travel guide. When the place of interest is decided, I will make a reservation next time. It is ok to go suddenly and find the accommodation you like on the site, but I will make a reservation so as not to panic at the site. That is also the Internet. If you have decided where to go, you can easily make a reservation at the booking site of the trip. In general, since sites related to traveling are often linked, even if you do not search every time, you can easily make it from information to reservation by following links. In this way, from collecting information on traveling to booking, I am all internet.

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